Itasca Illinois Poetry & Willow Tree Dreams

A Poem for David
By Kim Fregia
Edited by Michael Lee Johnson

David loved alcohol more than me;
more than anyone or anything.
He was my life and now he is gone.
He left me suddenly and now I'm alone.

I loved David and I still do.
It's not his fault he was so blue.
He made me laugh until I cried;
I couldn't have saved him if I tried.

Drinking his secret he hid very well.
He was troubled but no one could tell.

His quick wit was innocent and refreshing
he entertained everyone without confessing.

He was a lawyer and very bright;
he loved the law with all his might.

He won a supreme court case one afternoon
he secretly wanted to go to the moon.
By luck by fate we met on the phone;
we were separated by many time zones.

A wrong number led to five years of bliss,
we never met in person and we never kissed.

I miss our daily talks, our debates.
We argued and chuckled until it was late.

I never knew he suffered such strife
I would love to have been his wife.
He must have felt hopeless and alone,
like a stray puppy without a home.

He drank Listerine and Thunderbird wine.
His life ended early at age forty-nine.

I wish I were with him when he die,
I would have told him to go towards the light.

He died alone in an apartment he rented,
I never noticed the symptoms he presented.

My beautiful friend is now happy and free;
this is the only thing that gives comfort to me,

Every night I dream that he is still here,
I awake to sadness instead of the cheer.

Hug your loved ones and hug them tight,
tell them you love them this tonight;
reach out to them with respect and concern-
don't let them end up in a brand new urn.

Good-bye for now my beautiful friend,
I hope someday my heart will mend.

I know I will see you on the other side
I will run to you with my arms open wide.

Author Bio:

Kim Fregia is a 43 years old. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been for nine years.
Previously Kim worked in advertising sales with San Antonio Express New for thirteen years;
she won the Publisher's Award in 1996. Now she is in nursing school, and will graduate with a BSN.
She lives in Austin, Texas.

She enjoys writing because it is a treasured escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Being somewhat reclusive, Kim spends quiet time with her eighteen pound cat, "Broomhilda."

This poem is a true story about alcoholism, friendship, love, and loses. David died of chronic
liver disease on February 28, 2012. This poem is dedicated to his memory.

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